Greek vocational students discover the importance of risk assessments with EU-OSHA’s OiRA tools

Illustration of workers within the education sector


The SAEK Chalandriou vocational school in Chalandri, Greece, is hosting a session on 21 May focusing on different aspects of occupational safety and health (OSH) in the digital age.

Organised by EU-OSHA’s focal point in Greece, the Hellenic Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the activity highlights the importance of conducting regular risk assessments to prevent risks at work. Vocational students and teachers have the chance to learn more about digital tools for risk assessment such as EU-OSHA’s Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools with a live demonstration and a Napo film on the topic.

The speakers, experts in OSH from the Ministry and relevant institutions, will also present the 2023-25 Healthy Workplaces Campaign ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’, talk about work-related musculoskeletal disorders and psychosocial risks and how to prevent them, as well as overview the Greek OSH system and legislation.

The event puts the focus on the importance of establishing a culture of prevention from the onset.